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It is important for large busted women to take care of their breasts by wearing the right type bra. Wearing the wrong style or size can cause discomfort, a lack of support and even backache and shoulder strain. On the other hand, when you are wearing well fitting, comfortable and supportive underwear, you will feel confident, sexy and attractive. Read on to find out which bra types are right for you.

The right type of bra will lift the breasts so that they are carried just below the armpits. This will avoid a sagging bust, which is not considered attractive in our society. Also sagging breasts can make a woman look heavier, which is something that most of us want to avoid!

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There are 2 choices:

1. Full cup (wired or non wired). Large busted women need to invest in a number of good quality full cup bras with reasonably wide shoulder straps. As the name suggests, these bras cover the entire breast with fabric, and are therefore the most supportive type of bra available. And just because they cover the breast up, they can still be feminine and attractive. Many designs use lace in the top half of the cup and come in a range of pretty colours. Full cup bras will also create the most flattering silhouette for you under your clothes. Wearing a bra such as this will ensure that you are able to move around throughout the day, with full support and confidence.

2. Balconette cup (usually wired). When wearing low cut tops or evening dresses then the best bra to wear in plus sizes is a balconette bra. This is also known as a three quarter cup bra, as it covers up three quarters of the breast. It will still hold you in nicely whilst showing slightly more of your cleavage. Balconette bras come in a wide range of beautiful designs, and our balconettes come in sizes up to a J cup.

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Plus Size Lingerie – Styles to Avoid

Bra types that are not generally suitable to be worn in plus sizes include the quarter and half cup (also known as the balcony bra). These do not offer enough support, and will be uncomfortable to wear.

Final Word

Big breasts can be a women’s best asset or her biggest headache. Some women love being curvy on top and thrive on the attention they receive. Others find large breasts cumbersome and heavy and would love to be smaller endowed. The key to being happy with your shape is to spend time getting your lingerie right. It is said that up to 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size – and this is something that can so easily be corrected. Check out our guide to fitting yourself , watch our bra fitting video or get a professional fitting done. This one step alone could make a huge difference to how good you look and feel.

If you want to minimise the appearance of your bust, then opt for simple bra styles that lay flat on the skin. Avoid lace detailing and of course padding in the style of your bra or corselet. Also consider wearing a longline bra, which will help to tuck in your tummy directly under your breasts for extra streamlining, or a minimizer bra, which will flatten the breast tissue and reduce its projection.

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