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Shapewear Bras

The shapewear bra is the name given the the kind of bra that smooths the torso. The main type of shapewear bra is the longline bra. This bra extends to just above the navel and is fastened at and down the back with multiple clasps. What this means for the wearer is a close, comfortable fit which produces a great torso and tummy shape. Most women have at least one shapewear bra in their collection, for wearing under tight clingy tops and hiding any slight imperfections. Not only do they smooth away any lumps or bumps, making the wearer feel more confident, but they help to improve posture too.

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Enhancing Bras

Enhancing bras are those worn by women who would like their breasts to appear larger than they actually are. There are many reasons for this, chief among which is that they increase cleavage.

There are many different types of enhancing bras including padded bras, balcony bras and plunge bras. This type of bra is of great help to women who, for whatever reason, are not happy with the size and/or shape of their breasts.

They can be a real boost to a woman’s self esteem, making her feel more confident and more attractive and as such, form an important part of every small breasted woman’s wardrobe.

Minimising Bras

Minimising bras are the complete opposite of enhancing bras. Instead of making the breasts appear larger, they have the effect of reducing the breast size, making them appear smaller. Some minimiser bras can reduce the breast by up to 2 inches. They do this by effectively flattening the breasts, compressing them and redistributing the weight over a larger but flatter surface.

Minimiser bras can be very useful if a shirt or blouse you love to wear tends to gape between the buttons. You will also find them handy if your job role requires you to wear a jacket or blazer. In many cases a jacket will fall open and to the sides of the breasts instead of laying over them. Longline bras and corselettes can have a similar effect as these too, help to redistribute weight and flatten out the breast.

Soft Bras

There are many reasons why a woman might opt to wear a soft bra – also known as a non-wired bra. As the name suggests these bras are designed for comfort and are preferred by many women for this very reason. Many women have a number of soft bras in their collection for day to day wear, relaxing, playing sports etc.

Soft bras come to the fore particularly after surgery or during maternity when the breasts will be feeling very tender. Specialist maternity bras and mastectomy bras are designed without wire to ensure the breasts are not restricted in any way, to avoid problems with the breast tissue at these important times.

Soft bras are also useful as training bras for young women whose breasts are beginning to develop. Soft / non wired designs are better as they don`t restrict the breasts as they grow.

Supportive Bras

Women with a large bust need to wear supportive bras that take care of their breasts. Wearing a bra that is not supportive enough can cause discomfort, a lack of support and even backache and shoulder strain.

The main types of supportive bras for women are the full cup bra and the balconette bra. Full cup bras cover the entire breast and are therefore extremely comfortable and supportive. The balconette bra covers three quarters of the breast and are therefore still an excellent choice for plus size women.

Sports bras are also known as supportive bras. If a woman is involved in a sporting activity that requires a lot of upper body movement, racquet sports, jogging or running for example, this can be quite uncomfortable if the woman is not supported correctly. With a sports bra, excessive movement of the breasts is minimised leading to greater comfort.

Fashionable Bras

Fashionable bras can be worn as part of everyday wear or at weekends when dressing to impress. They are usually underwired to lift and shape the bust and come in a wide variety of styles including the the balcony bra, the balconette bra, and the padded bra. Each style of bra performs a slightly different function, showing a little more of the breast and/or increasing the amount of cleavage. As the name suggests, they are available in a vast range of different colours, patterns and materials, trims and frills.

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