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Buying Lingerie for Christmas - The dos and don`ts of buying lingerie for women

Buying Lingerie for Christmas - The dos and don`ts of buying lingerie for women

With Christmas now just weeks away, it`s time to start thinking about what to buy your loved one. Buying lingerie for a partner can be a romantic gesture that is greatly appreciated but more often than not, it can go horribly wrong! Quite apart from getting the sizing wrong, men will often get the styling and the colour wrong too, opting to buy the items they want to see their women wear, rather than those, their women would choose to wear themselves.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with buying your lady some sexy lingerie that you find attractive, but she must feel good in it too. Women love to feel desirable in their underwear, however there is a fine line between making her feel sexy and making her feel cheap and tacky or that in some way, she doesn’t match up to your idea of the perfect woman. Get it right and you are partner of the year, get it wrong and you are just another man who hasn’t got a clue, or worse!

The three key things to consider when looking to buy lingerie for the love in your life are size, style and colour and the best tip is to look through her lingerie drawer at the items she has chosen to buy for herself. Take note of the styles, the sizes and the colours she has opted for, this will give you the best indication of the type of underwear she likes to wear. There will doubtless be a number of variations but you should find that most of them are a variation on a theme. Once you have established what this is, don’t buck the trend, go with what works and you will be on to a winner.

The right lingerie will make a woman feel comfortable, supported and sexy all at the same time. If you choose correctly, she will know that you have gone to the trouble to look for what she likes, rather than simply opting to buy her something you like. It is the thought that goes into lingerie shopping that makes this gift choice such an incredibly romantic and personal gesture.

Buying the right sized lingerie

Sizing is crucial when it comes to buying lingerie and there really is only one way to do it. Picking a shop assistant and saying “She`s about your size” hardly ever works and can be very embarrassing not just for you but for the poor shop assistant too! The best way to do it is to look through her lingerie drawer, preferably when she’s not at home and take a note of the sizes that she already has. You may find that there are a number of different sized bras in her drawer. This is because women`s breasts change due to weight fluctuations and monthly changes. If this is the case you are best to opt for the size that is most common – and particularly the size in bras you have seen her wearing recently - as this will be the size she feels most comfortable in, most of the time.

Another top tip here is to look for those items of lingerie that look well used. You can normally judge this through colour fade, as these are the items that will have been washed and therefore worn, most frequently.

Getting to know what she likes

The single most common mistake that men make when buying lingerie for their loved ones is that they buy the styles and the colours that they think their partners will look good in, rather than stopping to think about the styles that their partners actually like wearing. Women get to know what styles of lingerie look best on them, to accentuate what they have got and draw the attention away from what they are less happy with. So in general it is best to follow her lead and buy her a style that flatters her figure.

By taking note of the styles and colours already present in her lingerie drawer you will get to know her preferences and avoid filling her lingerie draw with sexy but unused lingerie. The result will be a present of quality lingerie that you know she will enjoy wearing.

Buying something functional

Whilst most women use functional items such as shapewear, comfy and supportive bras, corsets and tights they may not necessarily want to receive these as Christmas presents. If you are going to buy your lady some underwear this year, make sure the designs you pick are pretty and that little bit special. Again going with what you know she likes, choose attractive bras that she will feel gorgeous in, paired with matching panties.

Good ideas on what to buy your woman this Christmas

Balcony Bras

The balcony bra is perfect for petite or small busted women. Also known as the half cup or open bra it covers just half of the bust. Often referred to as the most feminine of bras,balcony bras lift and enhance the wearer`s bust. They create a square shaped neckline and are therefore ideal for wearing under square cut evening gowns and tops.

Berdita`s Miss B Balcony bra makes an ideal Christmas present. Available in sizes 30-36 A-E and 30-38 A-DD it comes in either white and pink or black and pink. It is padded, it has a pouch for extra Oomph, it is underwired and multiway (meaning she can wear it under a halter neck top, square cut top or even remove the straps) and it is both beautiful and girly because of the baby pink ribbon that’s sewn around the top and the front. This bra can be paired with matching shorts.

Balcony Bras – click here to view our Miss B Balcony Bra.

Balconette Bras

The balconette bra is very similar to the half cup bra but covers three quarters of the breast to provide more support for larger busted women. Balconette bras are best suited to women of a medium to plus size. They are an attractive cut, revealing a small amount of the bust and can be worn under V-neck tops and dresses.

Berdita`s Miss B Balconette bras are available in sizes 30-38 D-GG and 32-38 H, HH & J (and in January 2011 30-38 H, HH and J). Often referred to as our most comfortable bra, they combine great looks with a design that women actually enjoy wearing! This bra can be paired with matching shorts.

Balconette Bras – click here to view our Miss B Balconette Bras.

Underwired Bras

Underwired Bras make a woman look good as they lift and shape her bust. The most common bra type available on the market today, underwired bras lift and support the breast creating a great shape – whether worn in the bedroom or under clothes!

Here at Berdita we have many underwired bras to choose from. Click here to browse our full range of underwired bras.

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