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Looking after your lingerie is really important to keep it looking good. There is nothing worse than a bra that has lost its wire or a pair of saggy knickers! So read on for Berdita`s top tips on how to care for your lingerie.

Correct Washing

The majority of lingerie manufacturers recommend that bras, knickers and shapewear are hand washed and this advice applies to all of the Berdita products*. This is important because if bras and other delicate items are subjected to high temperatures they will not last very long!

For example:

  • Underwired bras contain plastic protective ends on each of the wires. When washed in hot water, these plastic ends degrade and this leads to the sharp metal cutting through the fabric. No bra manufacturer will ever accept the underwire coming out as normal wear and tear.
  • Stockings when washed in the machine can get very tangled up. This can result in ladders and holes and also stretched stockings that lose their shape.
  • Knickers should also be handwashed to protect the elastic they contain, as well as the often delicate material they are made from.

So protect your favourite bras, knickers and stockings by washing them by hand in cool to warm water.

The good news for us busy girls is that most new style washing machines now come with various settings such as cold and hand wash. These much gentler washing machine cycles offer a possible compromise to women who prefer the convenience of using machine washing. It is important to note though that even using these programmes may invalidate the warranty on products you buy.

If using the washing machine, then it is also advisable to place items in a lingerie bag to avoid tangling and excessive movement during the wash. These can be bought from a wide range of shops online and on the high street.

Also take care when choosing a detergent to use. Choose gentle products that will clean and condition the fabrics.

Other items such as shapewear and bridal lingerie may need to be dry cleaned. Always follow the manufacturers instructions and you won`t go wrong!

Correct Storage

Lingerie must also be stored correctly, both at home and when travelling in order to maintain its shape.

  • Non wired bras can be stored flat in a drawer without causing any problems. This also applies to non-padded underwired bras, particularly in small sizes.
  • Plus size bras, moulded bras and stitched balconettes need to be treated more carefully as if they are stored flat you could crush the padding. It is possible to buy a box or little bag that is shaped like the cups and comes in various different sizes. When travelling, pack the cups out with other lingerie items such as your knickers, to further help maintain the shape.
  • Stockings can be stored in a little bag to prevent snagging.

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*except any that require dry cleaning – always check the labels for care instructions.

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