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We all have good and bad features and the trick in life is to make the most of what we have got and draw the eye away from the bits we are not so happy about! Our guide to choosing the right underwear will help you to create a body shape you are happy with, so that you feel confident and good about your figure, whatever your natural shape and size.

Choosing the right underwear for petite frames

Small breasted or petite women generally have a good range of bras to choose from, as the majority of pretty lingerie is available in a full range of smaller sizes. Also with less need for support, a larger number of styles are suitable for women with small busts.

Women with small breasts can look good in anything from a crop top, wired or non-wired bra. Those who wish to increase their curvaceousness have a number of options available to them that will increase the size and prominence of the bust.

Padded bras and bras filled with water, gel, air or liquid will physically increase the size of the bust. Bra manufacturers have experimented with different bra fillers to create the most natural looking breast enhancement. Often pads or enhancers are removable, making the bra more versatile and appeal to a wider number of buyers. It’s worth trying on the different options that are available and seeing which bra type feels nicest to you.

Balcony bras are another good option for small-busted women, as the half-cup style appears to lift and enlarge the bust.

Choosing underwear to reduce the appearance of breasts

Careful choice of lingerie combined with the right clothing can help to reduce the appearance of a larger bust. All plus size lingerie needs to provide adequate support and be comfortable to wear to avoid strain to the back and shoulders. As a start it is important to choose simple, non-padded styles that lay flat on the skin to avoid adding extra layering to the bust area.

There is a specialist bra for plus size busts, that appears to reduce the bust area. It is called a minimizer bra, and has cups that are designed with a wider diameter and shorter projection, and these help to reduce the projection of the breasts. This bra allows the breast tissue to spread evenly across the chest and as a result the wearer will end up with a wider, shallower bust.

A longline bra is another good choice of lingerie for a woman wanting to shape and control the top of her body. Whilst it won’t reduce the size of the bust, it is well designed to smooth and firm the breasts and abdomen, eliminate unsightly bulges and improve the posture.

Like the longline bra, a corselet will also support and shape the body, and with the corselet option, the control is carried down to the lower abdomen and hips too. There is a range of different corselets available including panty corselets, which have built in underwear and open corselets that don’t.

Choosing underwear to go under a tightly fitting outfit

When you are wearing tightly fitting clothing, such as a dress, trousers, wedding dress or formal wear then it is essential to get your underwear just right. Otherwise you are at risk of ruining your outfit with a visible panty line (VPL) or unattractive bulges of flesh where your underwear cuts in.

Thongs or G-strings are a good choice of panty to wear under trousers, as they will leave you with no visible lines. Some women find these uncomfortable, others extremely comfortable – it’s a matter of personal taste. Longline panty girdles also work well under tr

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