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Wearing girdles or suspender belts is a great way to unleash your inner goddess and give yourself a confidence boost!  We all like to feel attractive and look our best and one way to do this is to put on our sexiest undergarments so we both look - and feel - great. However, stockings are not just for the bedroom, they are also ideal for everyday wear and will make you feel glamorous and self-assured.

While some forms of underwear are becoming outdated, others are back in fashion - and this includes girdles and suspender belts. Popular with both women and men - they are worn by ladies of all ages as well as many cross dressers who feel underdressed without them. All who wear stockings and suspender belts, love the extra femininity that they bring to an outfit.

Here we shall look at how girdles and suspender belts can make you feel fantastic from morning until night.

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Girdles and Suspender Belts - Comfortable and Feminine

The 1960’s was a time of liberation, when women chose not to wear restrictive underwear and instead wore tights, softer bras, or sometimes no bra. This period also saw women wearing trousers on a more regular basis, which also reduced the need for hosiery.

Fortunately, gone are the uncomfortable girdles of the 1960’s and now there is a whole new generation of underwear with soft and pretty fabrics that are comfortable, supportive - and sexy too.

Girdles, also known as shapewear, are a great confidence boost as they help show your body to its best. They have a supportive tummy panel which helps to iron out any lumps and bumps and provide a smooth outline.

Berdita open girdles benefit from detachable suspender hooks so they can also be worn with stockings, as can hook-side girdles and like open girdles, can be worn with skirts and dresses. Open girdles and panty girdles offer medium support and hook-side girdles offer firmer support.

Panty girdles can be worn under trousers, as well as skirts and dresses. The longline panty girdle also shapes the thighs and Berdita’s version is available with detachable suspender clips so you can also wear these with stockings. Detachable suspender clips are an option available with the panty girdle.

Wearing the right underwear makes you feel wonderfully feminine and self-assured and means you will shine whether you go out or stay in. It also helps unleash the sex kitten in you which is fantastic confidence boost, whether you are a single, married, a stay at home mum or a workaholic.

Wearing girdles with stockings is also a great money saver as they are more economical than tights: if you get a run on one stocking, you don’t have to replace the set, just the one that is damaged.

Regain Confidence with Suspender Belts

If you don’t want to wear a girdle, suspender belts are a great alternative and with Berdita you can choose either a four strap suspender belt or six strap suspender belt. Six straps are more comfortable to wear and are more suitable for daily use.

You can wear suspender belts under skirts and dresses and even under trousers, which will also help keep you warm in winter.
If you wear them in the evening or during the day you will look and feel attractive and confident and no one will know your secret!

However, if you don’t want to wear them for going out, you can also keep them strictly for the bedroom and your partner will love the new you!

A Guide to Putting on Stockings

Put your stockings on with care by gently rolling them up the leg.  

When you are fastening the stockings at the back, put your leg up on a chair to do this so they are not done up so tightly that you can’t sit down.

If you are wearing your stockings for daywear, it is probably best to put your panties on over your suspenders to make it easier for you to use the bathroom. If it is just for the bedroom put your panties on first, and your suspenders over the top.

Other Ways to Boost Your Confidence

We all have a lapse in confidence every now and again, and when you have moments like these, there are plenty of short cut ways to give yourself a confidence boost.

Buying new clothes can help improve your self-esteem. Some department stores also have personal shoppers who will help you buy the best outfit to suit your body shape and colouring.  

A new hair cut is a fail safe way of making you feel great, both inside and out. Make sure you pick a good stylist who you find it easy to communicate with, so you can talk through your ideas and find the best cut for you.

Having the right posture is always a way of projecting the right image, so stand up straight, put your shoulders back and your chest out and you will instantly feel taller and more in control. Please remember that your posture is automatically improved by wearing the correct size bra both on the back, and the bust size.

Getting plenty of fresh air and exercise is another mood booster. Just take a short stroll in your lunch break if you haven’t got time for a workout.

Beauty treatments such as a massage, facial, manicure or pedicure, can make you look and feel great. You don’t have to go to the salon to do this as you can also give yourself a home facial at a fraction of the price.