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A Guide to Girdles – Make one Part of Your Wardrobe

Girdles are a form of women’s shapewear that help to nip in the waste and streamline the tummy. Some styles also come with a built in suspender belt for attaching stockings.

Girdles are not a new invention; they have been fashionable throughout the ages and were considered an essential undergarment in the early twentieth century to create a rigid controlled figure.

In today’s image conscious world, girdles are again popular with women who want to slim, trim and streamline their silhouette. A wider range of designs is now available and as a result, girdles can be worn under all types of outfit including suits, wedding dresses, evening gowns and jeans. They have been made popular for younger women by programmes such as ‘What Not to Wear’, where women are shown how to flatter the body they have been given through the correct choice of clothing.

Girdles are chosen depending on what you will be wearing them under. Under trousers, trouser suits and jeans, a panty girdle or longline panty girdle should be chosen, so that it remains invisible under your outfit. The longline panty girdle is ideal for women who wish to shape their upper thighs.

Under a skirt or dress, all girdles will work fine. However if you want to wear stockings, then a hook side girdle or open girdle is your best choice, as these contain built in suspender hooks rather than clips.

If you have never worn a girdle before, then you may need help choosing the right size. You can opt for your normal dress size, which will provide medium support, or go a size smaller for extra control. The important thing is to choose one that is comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

In place, a girdle will make you feel supported in all of the right places. No more sitting there worrying about having to suck in your stomach, the girdle will do that for you. It will also slim down your hips, and depending on the style, shape your thighs to perfection.

The result is for most women, increased confidence. It’s a good feeling when you know you look your best, and your girdle will help you do that. Your girdle may also help you fit into a smaller dress size than normal, which is an added bonus!

Historically men have also worn girdles although not to the same extent as women. They have been worn by men to improve their appearance as well as during strenuous exercise. They are also enjoyed by some as fetish items, and worn by transvestites to create a more feminine appearance.

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