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Lingerie Style Guide – Kit Out Your Wardrobe With Bras For Every Occasion.

Having a range of bras in your collection will ensure that you have the perfect undergarment for whatever you are wearing. Here is our guide to bras for every occasion. Click here to enter our online lingerie shop

Underwired Bras

Underwired bras lift and shape the bust, making them a great choice of bra when you are dressing up to look your best. They come in various styles – such as the half cup (balcony bra), three quarter cup (balconette bra) and full cup bra and can be padded or unpadded. Underwired bras can be worn under shirts, smart tops and dresses.

Underwired bras are also the ideal choice when you are wanting to look sexy for your partner. These designs tend to be prettier than non-wired styles and will give your breasts a better shape.

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Non Wired Bras

Whilst they may not look quite as attractive as the underwired styles, non-wired bras are also a lingerie essential. Great for comfort, they are ideal for wearing at home, when relaxing and when travelling. Non wired designs are softer on the breasts and don`t have the tendency to dig in to the breast tissue which some women find uncomfortable. However please note that wires digging in and being uncomfortable is also a sign of wrong fit. Non wired bras are also made from slightly looser material, which accommodates monthly breast changes.

Some women prefer to wear non wired bras at points in their monthly cycle when their breasts are tender. Non wired bras are also essential during pregnancy and breast feeding.

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Balcony Bras

Balcony bras are half cup bras, meaning that they cover half of the breast. For this reason they are also sometimes called open bras.

Pretty and feminine in design, they lift the bust of the wearer, creating an enhanced cleavage similar to the look created by a corset. Baclony bras are ideally for small busted women.

Full figured women should avoid this style as it doesn`t provide the support for the breasts that they need. A balcony bra is suitable for women up to an e-cup.

Balcony bras create a square shaped neckline and so are ideal when worn under square cut dresses or tops. They don`t work well under t-shirts or thin jumpers – the balconette is better for these.

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Balconette Bras

Balconette bras or three quarter cup bras, cover three quarters of the bust. These are cut with a V-shape and lay flat on the chest. This makes them a very versatile bra that can be worn under all sorts of different outfits – from shirts to V-cut dresses and jumpers. Most women will probably have a good number of balconette bras in their collection for day and evening wear.

As they provide more support than the balcony style, they are also suitable for a wider range of women. Medium to extra large busts will all feel comfortable and supported in the balconette style.

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Full cup bras

Full cup bras cover all of the bust and are therefore the most supportive type of bra available. They are good for large busted women when exercising, during pregnancy or breast feeding. Some women may also like to sleep in a bra and a soft, non wired full cup bra (preferably in cotton) would be the best choice for this purpose.

Longline Bras

Longline bras are a form of shapewear. Extremely comfortable to wear, they extend further down the torso than a normal bra and help to trim the upper body. A longline bra is an excellent lingerie choice for wearing under tight, clingy tops. It will shape and smooth down any slight imperfections, creating a flattering silhouette and improving the posture.

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Sports Bras

Sports bras are extremely supportive for wearing during exercise. They cover all of the bust and hold the breasts firmly to the chest, to avoid strain and discomfort as you move. They are usually made without wire and many designs cover more of the back than a standard bra strap does. Sports bras are very comfortable and can also be worn when relaxing at home or travelling.

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