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Lingerie Style Guide – Kit Out Your Wardrobe With Knickers For Every Occasion.

Whilst we all have our favourite type of knickers that we feel most comfortable in, it is always good to have a range of options to cover all eventualities. Here is our guide to knickers and shapewear for every occasion. Click here to enter our online lingerie shop

Thongs (G-Strings)

You either love them or hate them! On the plus side they are great for wearing under trousers, as they don`t create any lines. Lots of women also find them extremely comfortable – barely knowing they are there. And most men find them sexy as they are skimpy in design!

On the minus side, some women find them uncomfortable and prefer designs that cover up a little more of their bottom.

Thongs are a good choice of underwear to wear on clothes shopping trips as they will be invisible under all types of clothing.

Thongs should be avoided when you are visiting the chiropractor or doctor and don`t want to show him or her your bottom!

Briefs and Deep Briefs

Briefs and deep briefs are an attractive form of panty. They are cut in an elegant shape and both provide additional coverage to the bottom area that is not present on the thong. The deep brief also covers most of the hip area with additional material.

There is not that much difference between the two styles and so the choice comes down to which feel the most comfortable and look best on the wearer. The wide waistband and low cut leg of the deep brief may be more comfortable to some, whilst others may prefer the slightly skimpier standard brief.

Briefs and deep briefs can be worn under skirts and dresses. They should be avoided under thin trousers such as a trouser suit, as they will create a visible panty line, but are sometimes OK under thicker trousers such as jeans.

Panty Girdle

A panty girdle is the ideal choice of lingerie for wearing under trousers. If you are not into thongs, then these are great for wearing under work suits and trousers to avoid the dreaded VPL! They are extremely versatile however and can also be worn with skirts and dresses.

Panty girdles look like a large panty, starting just over the tummy button line and ending at the very top of each thigh. Also known as magic knickers, they trim down the hips, bottom and stomach to create a smoother elegant silhouette. Great for those days when you need a little bit of extra confidence or if you have gained a few extra pounds.

Longline Panty Girdle

The longline panty girdle extends the support of the panty girdle down across both thighs. Appearing like a pair of cycling shorts, these provide firm control whilst still being comfortable. Longline panty girdles are ideal for wearing under jeans as they will smooth away any unsightly overhang and trim your bottom and thighs to perfection!

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