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Lingerie Style Guide – Kit Out Your Wardrobe With Shapewear For Every Occasion.

Shapewear is a modern day miracle, worn by women of all ages and shapes to improve their appearance in clothes. It provides support and structure to the key problem areas, minimising the appearance of imperfections and smoothing lumps and bumps. There are lots of different styles of shapewear available that offer varying levels of support to the breasts, torso, stomach, hips, bottom and thighs. Whether you need to tuck in your stomach, smooth down your torso or squeeze into your skinny jeans – there is a perfect style of shapewear for you. Here is our guide to shapewear for every occasion.

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Girdles are a popular form of women’s shapewear that provide medium to firm control to the waist and tummy areas. There are four types of girdle, which are explained below: the open girdle, hook side girdle, panty girdle and longline panty girdle.

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Open Girdles

Open girdles provide a medium level of support to the tummy and hips and help to create a smooth, trim silhouette under skirts. They are designed with detachable suspender clips for ladies who like to wear stockings and are ideal for wearing under business skirt suits, dresses and formal wear.

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Hook Side Girdles

Hook side girdles are a type of open girdle, which are done up with hooks at the side. They offer a high level of support and are designed for wearing under skirts and dresses.

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Panty Girdles

Panty girdles are the ideal undergarment for wearing under trouser suits. Designed to be invisible, they provide excellent control to the tummy, bottom and hips. Panty girdles are extremely versatile and can also be worn with skirts and dresses.

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Longline Panty Girdles

Longline panty girdles provide firm support to the tummy, hips, bottom and thighs. Ideal for wearing under jeans and trousers, particularly low waisted styles, they will reduce any tummy overhang and take inches off your waist and thighs. These can also be worn under skirts and dresses.

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Ladies looking for all over support and shaping from the bust down to the hips and abdomen will love the corselet (also spelt corselette). This shapewear option is made up of a combined corset and bra and is extremely comfortable to wear. There are 2 different styles of corselet – the open corselet and panty corselet which are explained below.

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Open Corselet

Designed for wearing under skirts and dresses, the open corselet is open at the bottom and contains detachable suspender hooks.

These are available with zip, and without zip fastenings

Panty Corselet

The panty corselet is fastened under the gusset with poppers and is designed for wearing under trousers or skirts.

These are available with zip, and without zip fastenings

Longline Bras

For upper torso toning, the Longline bra is a great choice of product that can be worn on its own or combined with a girdle to extend the support downwards. The Longline bra smooths lumps and bumps between the bust and stomach to create a flattering smooth appearance. It is therefore ideal for wearing with tight, clingy or sheer tops. Longline bras also help to improve your posture.

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