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Non-wired Bras or Underwired Bras – which is best for you?

When it comes to choosing bras, it is really a case of personal choice. Bras can be split into two main categories – non-wired bras and underwired. Non-wired designs are bras that have been built without any wire under the cups. Some women find non-wired bras more comfortable than underwired designs, as they are less structured and softer on the breast.

Underwired bras have a built-in semi circle wire underneath each of the cups. This style of bra is designed to support and shape the bust. Many women find this style of bra more attractive both on it’s own and when worn under clothes. It is also common for underwired bras to come in a wider choice of pretty feminine and sexy designs.

So how do you decide which bra is right for you?

Most women like to have a range of different bras to wear on different occasions and under varying types of outfits.

  • Whilst lounging watching TV, comfort is often the overriding factor, so a soft comfortable bra is a good choice.
  • When dressing up in elegant evening wear, a firm uplifted bust will complete your stylish look. In this case, go for an underwired design – perhaps a balcony bra if your bust is small enough or a balconette bra if you are bigger than an E-cup.
  • In the bedroom, a wired design will look sexier as your boobs will appear firmer and more lifted. Try our B-Sophisticated lacy bras in black.
  • When playing sports, a non-wired design is usually more comfortable than a wired one. Choose a bra that will support your breasts firmly to avoid strain whilst you are moving around.

When is a non-wired bra recommended?

Women are advised to wear non-wired bras at certain times of their life:

  • A teenage girl’s first bras should always be non-wired to allow the breasts to develop.
  • During pregnancy, non-wired maternity bras are a must, as they will allow the breasts to grow and develop without restriction.
  • After giving birth, it is best to wear a non-wired maternity-nursing bra. Wearing wired bras at this time may cause discomfort, infections and blocked ducts.
  • After surgery a woman is recommended to wear a non-wired design. Whilst there are specialist sports bras for use immediately after the operation, as the breasts recover it is best to move to a non-wired design for a number of months before returning to underwired. The length of time will vary depending on the type of operation, and it is essential you follow the advice of your doctor.
  • As a lady gets older, comfort becomes her main priority and many women switch to non-wired at this time in their lives.

Why choose an underwired design?

Underwired bras in general will look more attractive. Pert, firm breasts are beautiful in today’s society, and a well-fitting underwired bra will help you achieve this look.

The most important factor when choosing a bra is wearing one that makes you feel good. Wearing the right underwear will help you to feel the very best you can – and this will increase your confidence. There is nothing better than knowing you are wearing stunning underwear when on a date, out with friends or at work. Dressing beautifully from the inside out will help you feel beautiful and special – and it’s one little thing that is so easy to do.

Go on treat yourself today!


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