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The Curvy Girl's Guide to Looking and Feeling Great

If you are a curvy girl, then we say "way to go girl!" as research has shown that most men prefer something to hold on to. And as more lingerie firms are jumping on the bandwagon and embracing the all woman shape, luck is on your side as you can find some great plus size lingerie.

Pretty, feminine plus size lingerie works in a number of ways as it not only makes the most of your curves, but it can also help hide the parts you are less confident about to give you the perfect shape. There is a variety of plus size lingerie on the market that will give you a smoother outline, and make you look - and feel - ultra feminine too.

If you are choosing plus size lingerie, as with any lingerie, make sure that you choose the right size bra. The size and shape of your bust changes for a number of reasons including: weight gain or loss, birth control pills, pregnancy or hormone replacement therapy. For this reason it is important to get a regular bra fitting, to give you the right support so you feel comfortable in your underwear.

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However, looking and feeling great is not just about choosing the right underwear, there are other ways to help make you feel sexy and confident so you can embrace your womanly shape and love your curves.

Six Top Tips to Loving Your Curves

Think Positive

We all have days where we don’t see how wonderful we are and criticise what we see in the mirror. Instead of looking at all the positive parts of our body: a bust to die for, fantastic, glossy hair, beautiful skin, pretty eyes, or a shapely bottom, we often get swept away by focusing on the negatives.

It is important to reverse this way of thinking when you look in the mirror. Ask a friend, or partner, what they admire most about you, and your looks, and you will be pleasantly surprised with what they come up with. Did you know that you had a winning smile that lit up the room or you look a decade younger than your real age? Or that you have heaps of friends and a likeable personality.

Create a Mantra

Look into the mirror and say nice things to yourself. Believe in yourself and the goddess you truly are and others will believe in you too. This helps you radiate confidence and you will be on the fast track to becoming a people magnet - if you are not already! Think of a mantra, a transforming group of words that are personal to you, and say it morning and evening and as many times as you can during the day. For example you could say: "I am a beautiful, confident, successful woman and am happy with who I am," or "I am happy with who I am and make others happy when they are around me," or "I am a goddess. I love my beautiful, feminine curves." If you don’t feel quite ready for these just yet, try something lower key such as "I’m appreciating my shape and my looks more and more every day."

Dress for Your Body Shape

Dress in clothes that suit your body shape and show off your curves. There are all sorts of tricks of the trade that can enhance your body shape. If you are apple shaped for instance, a belt around a dress or top can create a shapely waist. If you have a large bust, avoid polo necks and go for more plunging necklines. Always choose the correct dress size - don’t go too small, or it can create bulges in all the wrong places; too big and it can swamp your body. The right size clothing will give you a smooth outline.  

Treat Yourself Like a Goddess

Treat yourself occasionally to a massage, facial or manicure. It doesn’t have to be costly as a home treatment will do. Once a week give yourself an hour’s me time, or if you can only spare 20 minutes, get some scented candles and bath salts and enjoy a warm, relaxing bath. Then apply some body lotion afterwards to give your skin a treat. Pampering is a great way to give yourself a lift.

Smile at Yourself and Others

When you get up in the morning, look in the mirror and smile. Even if you have a hectic day ahead, or going through a hard time, smiling makes the world of difference. Smiling helps trick your mind into feeling positive and the more you smile, the happier you will feel.  It never fails to make you feel good and makes you instantly approachable. If you smile at other people - even strangers - they will very often smile back and this not only helps lift your mood but those of others too.

Wear Gorgeous Plus Size Lingerie

Wearing gorgeous plus size lingerie works wonders. The correct size bra gives you a fabulous shapely bust and a smooth shape underneath your clothes. If there are body parts you want to hide, you will find all sorts of underwear that can help towards this including girdles, corselets and long line bras.

Berdita sells beautiful range of plus size lingerie that is designed for comfort and support and will give you an instant confidence boost. Our range includes pretty lacy underwired bras, for evening and every day wear, and balconette bras to wear with more plunging necklines.

Our body shaping range is designed to make the most of your curves. Whether you want a flatter stomach, trimmer thighs or a smoother torso, our underwear will help flatter your figure and show it at its best.

Browse our selection of underwired long line bras, body shaping corselets, panty girdles and body shaping longline panty girdles to find the right underwear for you. Sizes vary according to style and product type, but we have bras in sizes 30-52 A-J. We also have corselets in sizes 34-52 B-F and girdles in dress sizes 8-28.  

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