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Berdita sell a beautiful range of retro and vintage style lingerie including corselets, girdles and suspender belts. Our range is inspired by designs from the 40`s, 50`s and 60`s, from the war years through to the swinging sixties.

Retro lingerie is preferred by many women and men – both husbands buying for their wives and men buying for themselves. With retro and vintage style lingerie you can create a super feminine shape, with curves in all of the right places.

The actress Dita Von Teese and the film release Moulin Rouge can claim some of the responsibility for making retro and vintage lingerie fashionable again but we at Berdita, like to think that it is the public’s demand for quality and style that has re-ignited the passion for sexy and sophisticated retro underwear. Our range incorporates excellent fitting and support, with high quality fabrics and figure flattering retro designs.

Whereas traditional 40`s, 50`s and 60`s lingerie put beauty before comfort, now with Berdita you can have both. Our lingerie is extremely flattering and comfortable and will help to create a shapely and elegant silhouette underneath your clothes.

At present our range does not include conical bras – also known as bullet bras. But we offer high quality retro style girdles, corselets and suspender belts – all retro lingerie wardrobe essentials!

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The girdle is a retro lingerie garment which helps to pull in the waste and flatten the tummy and has been around in its various forms for a very long time. It has like many a fashion item fallen into and out of favour over the years but nowadays, it is increasing in popularity once more as it delivers the curvaceous, hour glass figure and rigid control that women want.

The style conscious woman of today knows that looking good and feeling good are inextricably linked. She wants a slimmer, trimmer more streamlined silhouette and knows how to get it. Girdles are no longer the preserve of the older woman, but are increasingly becoming a must have for the younger woman’s wardrobe as she strives for a flat tummy, streamlined hips and smaller bottom.

Retro girdles come in a wide range of designs making it possible to wear them under all types of clothing. They can be worn under suits, wedding dresses, evening gowns, trousers, trouser suits, skirts, dresses and even jeans. Some girdles come with hooks which fasten to stockings for that really glamorous and retro look.

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The corselet is a retro lingerie all-in-one underwear garment designed to create a shapely figure. It is comprised of a combined corset and bra and provides medium to high levels of support to the bust, tummy and hips. It is invisible under clothing and for this reason is a firm favourite with many women. Corselets come in several different forms and your choice will depend on the outfit you are wearing. If you are going for the suit trouser or jeans look, the panty corselet is ideal. These fasten with poppers between the legs so that any lumps bumps or ridges are completely hidden from view. For wearing under dresses or skirts it is possible to wear the panty corselet or an open corselet. The open corselet does not fasten at the gusset area but instead remains open. It is designed with detachable suspender clips for attaching stockings.

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Suspender Belts

Stockings and suspenders were all that women wore in the 40`s and 50`s before tights were invented in the 60`s! So no retro lingerie wardrobe would be complete without suspender belts and stockings. Our classic range of ladies suspender belts available in both black and white lace are available with either 4 and 6 straps to attach your stockings. We stock a wide range of sizes from petite (size 8) to plus size (26). Our suspender belts are designed to be worn comfortably and discreetly under daytime and evening wear. They are well made with high quality metal suspender clips that will stand the test of time and beautiful black or white lace. Wearing suspender belts and stockings, you cannot help but feel feminine and sexy. They are a great confidence booster and are guaranteed to put a smile on your partner’s face. Team your retro suspender belt up with seamed stockings for a glamorous 1940`s look!

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