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Shapewear is specialist lingerie for women, which is designed to alter their natural shape. Worn by all types of women, from celebrities to business women, to ladies on a night out, shapewear does wonders to trim, tuck and flatten the figure for an all over fashionable and feminine look.

Shapewear comes in a wide range of styles to work underneath all types of clothing from suits, to dresses, skirts to jeans. It is categorised by the level of control it provides, ranging from light to medium and firm. Popular shapewear garments include corsets, girdles, corselettes, control panties, bodysuits, longline bras, longline panty girdles, control camisoles and control slips.

Shapewear can be worn every day to help you drop a dress size and look great in your clothes. It is also an essential component to most brides’ wedding outfit to create a perfect silhouette on their special day! Read below for our guide to the different types of shapewear available and the problems they will help to correct.

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Girdles offer an easy way to achieve a flatter, sexier stomach without extreme diets or exercise! They come in a number of different styles to work under all types of outfit.

An open girdle with suspender hooks is designed for wearing under skirts or dresses. These are ideal for wearing under formal skirt suits and help to create a structured, elegant appearance.

For wearing under trousers or jeans, a panty girdle, also known as control pants or magic knickers will hold you in and flatten your stomach. A panty girdle will also shape your hips and bottom.

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Longline Panty Girdles

The longline panty girdle looks like a pair of cycling shorts, and works to shape all of your middle body including your stomach, hips, bottom and thighs. Longline panty girdles can be worn under the tightest jeans as well as trouser suits, skirts and dresses. These garments are super comfy to wear and will significantly improve both your appearance and confidence levels. If you haven’t already tried these for yourself, now is the time!

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Corselettes provide firm control for the bust, abdomen and hips. They are made up of a corset and bra, combined into one garment and are designed to be comfortable to wear for long periods. As with all shapewear, they are virtually invisible under clothes, making them your best kept secret!

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Longline Bras

Longline bras trim the top half of your body, from your bust down to your upper abdomen. They are particularly useful under tight or clingy tops, where excess flesh would be very noticeable. Wearing a longline bra will create a smooth line from below the bust to the stomach. They can also be combined with a girdle for continued support in the lower body.

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Corsets have been used throughout history to create a feminine curvy look. They can be classed as shapewear, as they help to narrow a woman’s waist. There are two main styles, Underwear and Outerwear. Both of these are divided into 2 styles - one that covers the bust and one that stops below it. Corsets can be worn as daywear and eveningwear, and are often worn as part of a woman’s bridal lingerie.


Bodysuits vary in the amount of area they cover, and can offer light, medium or firm support. Bodysuits smooth lumps and b

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