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Being classy and elegant is not about how much money you have in the bank or about what size you are - it is about being well groomed from top to toe and having the ultimate in good taste. From having good manners, to wearing sophisticated lingerie and clothing, and making charming conversation, the classy girl is a real people magnet and will brighten a crowded room the minute she walks in!

Berdita supply sophisticated lingerie and here’s our guide to becoming a classy and elegant woman so you can start 2013 as a brand new you. With these easy steps, you will be turning heads before you know it and whenever there’s a dinner, drinks party or any other social occasion, you’ll be top of your friends’ guest lists.  Just make sure you stock up on sophisticated lingerie to take you from day to evening!

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Dress Well

To be the ultimate classy woman it is important to choose the right outfit for the occasion. So avoid revealing clothing for a grandmother’s 80th birthday and steer clear of office wear for a society event. If in any doubt, ring up the host and ask what the dress code is. Another top tip is to make sure you dress for your size - even if it means going for the next size up or down. An outfit that is too tight creates bulges in all the wrong places and clothes that are too loose look baggy and unflattering.

Classy Underwear

To be truly comfortable at any event, it is important to choose sophisticated lingerie in the right size and to match your outfit. A black bra peeking out from under a perfectly tailored white blouse is not a good look, for instance. Berdita have a pretty range of sophisticated lingerie for any occasion such as lacy bras, briefs and deep briefs in white, beige, black and red. The right sized bra is comfortable and supportive and if you are unsure of your size, visit your local department store for a free bra fitting.

Be Well Groomed

A stylish and elegant woman should be well groomed from top to toe. This does not mean spending money for regular facials at an expensive salon, but it does mean taking care of yourself. You can give yourself a weekly at home manicure, pedicure, facial, body scrub and waxing session (legs, under arms and upper lip).  Applying body lotions after baths and showers will keep your skin super soft and smelling divine - and you can even buy these at your local pound shop.

Look After Your Hair

Ask your stylist for the best cut for your face shape and the right hair colour to suit your skin tone. A glamorous cut and colour doesn’t have to mean a visit to an expensive hair salon, as a local one can work wonders. If you are changing your look, mention this when you book an appointment so your stylist can set aside some time to discuss hair options with you. A top tip is to look through magazines in advance and cut out styles or hair colour you like so you can show these to your stylist. This will give them an indication of the look you are trying to achieve. Once you have got your cut sorted, keep your locks glossy with regular conditioning and hair products that add body or shine.

Radiate Confidence

A sophisticated woman is confident, but without bordering on arrogance. She’s also comfortable in any situation, whether it’s volunteering at a PTA function or attending a drinks party. Radiating confidence also means having good posture - so stand tall and put your shoulders back!

Be Polite and Charming

A classy woman should try to be polite and charming in a social occasion. This involves listening to others, whether their subject matter is gardening, golf or shopping. Be polite and whatever the topic of conversation, hear the other person out. Even if you don’t have much to contribute (i.e. it’s a subject that you know nothing about) this is fine, just smile, listen and ask lots of questions and they will enjoy their time with you. Always maintain good eye contact with the person who is speaking, otherwise you will look uninterested in what they have to say.

Table Manners

Having good table manners is an essential characteristic for a sophisticated woman. If you are at a dinner party there are some must dos: select your cutlery in the right order (from the outside in), sip wine politely (don’t gulp it down), keep elbows off the table and never speak with your mouth full. Place your napkin on your lap and always use the back of your fork to scoop food onto. Be respectful to your host at all times. So if you see that your host has put coasters out, for instance, use them when you put your drink down, instead of putting your glass directly onto the table.

About Berdita

Berdita sells a range of sophisticated lingerie to provide support and comfort for nearly every body. Our range includes beautiful lacy bras in sizes 30-44, B-GG, with briefs and deep briefs to match in sizes 8-26.