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The daffodils have been and gone, and summer is just around the corner. It`s that time of year to pack away your dark winter wardrobe of woollies and extra layers and think about your key looks for the new season.


The first thing to do when preparing your wardrobe for spring/summer is to review your clothing from last year. This includes your dresses, skirts, trousers and tops and also your shoes, lingerie, and accessories. The general rule is - if you haven’t worn it (or used it) in twelve months, you are not likely to again. So be ruthless, and clear the way for the new!

The benefits of decluttering your clothing and accessories is that once you have had a good clear out, you will be able to see the value in what still remains. It can help to ask a friend or partner to assist you in this process. They can give you a second opinion and help you decide what stays and what goes.

De-cluttering your lingerie drawer

It is important to review your lingerie regularly, to ensure it still fits well and looks good (both on its own and underneath your clothes!) So if your lingerie drawer is disorganised, untidy or contains items that are tatty, old or the wrong size, give it a good sort out.

Our breasts are constantly changing in size, due to weight loss and gain, taking the contraceptive pill, pregnancy and nursing. Because of this, it is important to check that all of your bras still fit you, by re-measuring your bust every six months or so.

Also knickers, let’s face it, can end up looking less than sexy after a thousand washes in the machine. So create some space for a lingerie-shopping spree where you can restock with pretty new pairs.

It can also be helpful to separate out lingerie that is out of season and store it with your other winter clothes. Thick tights and stockings for example can be put away to create ample space for lighter summer items.

Summer underwear basics

Well-fitting, attractive lingerie creates the foundation for your summer look. Choose styles that provide adequate support and create an elegant, shapely silhouette.

You will need a range of different bras and knickers to compliment your summer clothing. Shapewear is also a good investment, for tucking in your tummy and trimming your hips under more revealing summer outfits. Below is our guide to summer underwear basics for a happy, stylish summer.

Pale bras and knickers

As the clothing in the summer is made from lighter fabrics and often in paler colours, you will need a good selection of white or nude lingerie as the basis for your summer wardrobe.

Underwired bras are good for providing support and shape to your bust. So choose a selection of these in pretty designs for work and going out.

Non-wired bras can be more comfortable to wear and are preferred by certain women. They are also the ideal choice for wearing at home, when playing sports and whilst breast-feeding or after surgery.

Here at Berdita we offer a great range of white and beige bras in both underwired and non-wired designs. Click here to start shopping!

Pretty coloured bras

We also stock underwired bras in lilac and orchid, which are pretty enough to show off! Try wearing one under a similar colour strappy top for a flirty, casual look.

Balconette / balcony Bras

Summer often brings with it the opportunity to get dressed up. Whether you are attending a summer ball, or are a guest at a wedding you will need a balcony or balconette bra to wear under your gown or dress.

Balconette bras are cut in a V-shape, which make them the perfect shape to wear under V-cut dresses. Available in a wide range of sizes, our balconette bras are suitable for small to plus size women.

Balcony bras create a square shaped bust and so work beautifully with a square cut neckline. However because they only cover half of the breast, they are only supportive enough for small to medium busted women.


Particularly during the summer months, where we can’t hide under lots of layers, shapewear is a summer wardrobe essential. Worn under a tight top or floaty dress, it will slim, trim and smooth your body getting rid of unsightly lumps and bumps.

Even the skinniest among us women probably get tired of holding our tummies in all day long - so let your undergarments do this for you! Choose shapewear to flatten your stomach, reduce your bust, nip the waist and skim the torso.

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