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Women's Shapewear - create the perfect figure for Christmas without diets or exercise!

It’s probably too late now to drop a dress size before the Christmas party season gets into full swing, regardless of what they might say on the television but with the help of shapewear you can ensure you look your best, whatever the occasion. With the right combination of girdle, longline bra or corselette, that new dress you are looking forward to wearing will look fabulous and you will feel super confident wearing it.

Shapewear can improve the look of outfits from party dresses to trouser suits and from maxi dresses to ball gowns. Whatever you are wearing this Christmas, improve your appearance with shapewear undergarments.


Originally meaning belt, the girdle is now synonymous with women’s under clothing and worn to improve their silhouette. Used primarily to slim down and improve the look of the tummy, hips and buttocks, it is often referred to as supporting underwear, or supportive underwear.

Extremely flattering and worn by women of all ages, girdles are making a comeback. With hidden panels in the tummy, hip areas and sometimes leg, a girdle provides help in all the right places to create a desirably slimmer appearance.

The girdle replaced the more restrictive corset. It still provides plenty of waist and tummy control but it does not cinch the waist in as tightly as the corset did, making it more comfortable to wear.

There are three types of girdles, the open girdle, also known as the suspender girdle, the hook side girdle and the panty girdle.

Open Girdles / Suspender Girdles

Open girdles come with suspender hooks which can be attached to stockings. These items make it possible for a lady to enjoy wearing stockings whilst the girdle acts to flatten her tummy and bottom. They offer a medium level of support; can be worn comfortably for long periods and are best worn under skirts and dresses.

Hook Side Girdles

Hook side girdles are another form of open girdle, this time with the hook located to the sides. They also provide hooks for stockings whilst helping to control the tummy, bottom and upper thighs. When worn under skirts and party dresses, they cannot be seen and so will be your little secret!

Panty Girdles and Longline Panty Girdles

These underwear pieces are ideal for shaping the stomach, hips and thighs. They can be worn invisibly, under trousers, longer skirts or dresses, minimising any unsightly lumps and bumps.

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Presenting a desirable silhouette beneath clothing, the corselette smooths and flatters the natural contours of the body, slimming the breasts, waist, tummy and bottom. A corselette is idea for wearing during the Christmas season as it provides that extra layer of control where you need it most and an additional layer of warmth to keep out that winter chill. Made of a combined corset and bra it is the undergarment of choice for today`s modern woman!

There are two main types of corselet: the panty corselet, the open corselet and each can be bought with or without zips.

The Panty corselet is a versatile undergarment that can be worn under trousers or skirts and dresses. It is fastened with poppers in the gusset area and comes in a full selection of sizes from small to plus size.

The open corselet is designed to be worn under dresses and skirts. It comes with removable suspender hooks giving you the option of wearing suspenders without the necessity for a suspender belt. Open corselets are available in the full range of sizes, from 34-52 B-F.

Your choice of corselet will depend upon the items of clothing that you are looking to wear on top. If you choose to wear trousers or jeans, you are best advised to go for the panty corselet, whereas if you prefer to wear dresses or skirts you would be better off with the open corselet. The open corselet does not fasten at the gusset but instead is left open, rather like a tight fitting skirt. It can have stockings fastened to it if desired.

With or without zips

Our corslets are available with or without zips. Whether you opt for the panty corselet or the open corselet, with a zip fastening at the bust, they’re much easier to get in and out of and are especially useful for those ladies who suffer with weak or arthritic fingers.

Here at Berdita open and panty corselets are available with and without zip fastenings in sizes 34-52 B-F.

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Longline Bras

A longline bra is a must have for the party season for wearing under tight or clingy tops! These pieces are ideal for evening wear and special occasions as they help to iron out any unsightly lumps and bumps and smooth down the silhouette. Longline bras are available in two designs – non wired and underwired.

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If you wish to shape and smooth out your torso, then the longline bra is the ideal solution. It comes in a full range of sizes from small to plus size and will trim your torso creating a smooth and bump free foundation for your outer clothing.

Longline bras are very comfortable and give you a real confidence boost when wearing one. If you’ve never worn a long line bra before, try one, you will be pleasantly surprised at your new silhouette and at your renewed sense of self-assuredness. If you combine your longline bra with a longline panty girdle, you are going to feel comfortable, self assured and shapely from top to toe – whatever you are doing this Christmas.

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