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Summer is a wonderful season. The warmer weather and longer evenings are great for getting outside and having fun. Whether you are into romantic picnics, walks in the countryside, barbecues or simply pottering about in your garden, we all tend to feel happier when the sun is shining.

But looking good during the summer months can take a bit more effort than in comfy, cosy winter. As the layers come off, all that we were hiding underneath those baggy jumpers and thick tights is now on show to the world!

The answer to looking good in summer is to invest in ‘shapewear’. These foundation under-garments such as open girdles, panty girdles, longline panty girdles, hook side girdles, longline bras and open and panty corselets provide support and structure to the main ‘problem areas’ eliminating unsightly lumps and bumps.

Shapewear for work

Looking smart and feeling confident is the key to success at work. And it is easier to feel good about yourself when you aren’t worrying about your body.

Summer work suits and trousers can all look neater with a girdle or corselet worn underneath. Girdles help to flatten the tummy and smooth the hips for a slim, elegant look. If more support is required, then an open corselet can be chosen. This covers more of the body, shaping the breasts, abdomen and hips.

An open girdle is designed for wearing under skirts or dresses and comes with built in suspender clips. For wearing under trousers, a panty girdle, longline panty girdle or panty corselet will be your best choices. These also help to shape the bottom (and thighs in the case of the longline panty girdle) and will be invisible under your clothing.

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Shapewear under jeans

If you like wearing jeans, but are not one hundred percent happy about how they look on, then try a girdle underneath them.

Shapewear under jeans is particularly useful for low-waisted styles. A common problem here is the tummy, which tends to hang over when you sit down. A longline panty girdle will streamline your figure and hold your tummy in. They will also slim down your thighs and bottom, helping you to look slimmer all over.

For even more support, a corselet can be worn. Or alternatively, combine a girdle with a longline bra, which extends the support to the torso area.

Bridal shapewear

All ladies want to look their very best on their wedding day and many find that wearing bridal shapewear gives them extra confidence and a more shapely silhouette.

Choosing bridal shapewear depends entirely on the cut of your wedding dress. Popular options include basques, corsets, longline bras, brasselettes, torsolettes and bodysuits.

Here at Berdita we recommend that you buy your bridal lingerie before you purchase your dress. We have had customers come to us in a panic, having bought a dress that is practically impossible to find suitable lingerie that works well underneath it. So once you have nearly decided on your dress, buy your bridal lingerie and shapewear at this point, so you can try it all together.

Shapewear for evening dresses

There are lots of great shapewear options for enhancing your figure under ball gowns or evening dresses. From basques, to bustiers to longline bras there are a range of options to suit the cut of your dress. Take into account whether your dress is strapless and how low it dips at the front and back. Also make sure that the shapewear you choose provides adequate support for your bust.

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